Workspace and Sewing Machine Rental

You are cordially invited to sew your projects at Dylan Fabrics at any time! (Well, the store has to be open, we’re not here in the middle of the night.) We have a large open mezzanine and lots of tables. We love it when our customers makes themselves at home to sew their masterpieces.

No need to make a reservation, but please check out the Events page to make sure we aren’t already holding a class which would make workspace less available.

Need to use one of our sewing machines? You can rent sewing machine time for only $5/hour! (In-store use only.) We only charge for time spent on the actual machine. We never charge for time spent measuring, cutting, drafting, procrastinating, frantically seam-ripping, or swearing and vowing to never sew again.

Come on down! We love the company and visitors love the inspiring environment. (And cutting tables!)

*Please note: customers have asked if they can come to Dylan Fabrics to get help with certain projects when they’re stuck on a technique or need instruction. We are happy to help when we can! Please keep in mind:

  • We have limited floor staff whose priority is to help customers who are shopping. Help is on an as-available basis. Best bets for snagging our time: first thing in the morning (11:00 am) and mid-afternoon (around 3:00 pm).
  • Staff members’ individual knowledge is limited: our associates are not sewing teachers, and may not be able to give you the answers you need. We’ll do our best, and never hesitate to consult Google or Youtube.
  • We offer a large variety of classes by seasoned professionals, and one-on-one tutoring, which we highly recommend if you’re starting with limited sewing knowledge. Or come to one of our Community Sewing nights where crowd-sourcing may solve your problem!

We hope to see you here at Dylan Fabrics! Bring a project and make yourself at home!