FAQ’s about Dylan Fabrics!

Who are you?

I’m Melissa (front), known to some as “that woman who lost her kid at the YMCA and caused a lockdown,”or “hey, aren’t you Heather’s sister?” (She’s the scene-stealer in the back. She doesn’t co-own the store or anything. She just likes attention.) I’m the proprietor of Dylan Fabrics. My last name is Dylan. Not a coincidence.

Where’s your store?

Silverdale, Washington! 3381 NW Bucklin Hill Rd to be exact. It’s not where you’re thinking it is. You’re thinking it’s near Coldstone Creamery. It’s not. It’s across Silverdale Way, down the hill from my alma matter (Central Kitsap High School, thankyouverymuch), across the street from Benita’s formal. You can jog here from the YMCA and you’ll be saying “Wow, that wasn’t much of a jog.”

Are you going to sell stuff online?

Eventually, but that won’t be our primary focus right off the bat. I literally realized this moment that that’s a baseball reference.

What kind of fabric do you sell?

Fashion fabric, meaning fabric to make clothing (also known, to boring people, as “apparel fabric”), and costume fabric, which is like fashion fabric, only shinier. We carry some home decor and quilting fabric–a curtain makes a heck of a Renaissance dress–and throw in some genuine vintage fabric when we find a good flea market score.

We also offer all trims (think: ribbons), notions (think: buttons), tools (think: shears), patterns (think: patterns), and any other stuff that someone who sews might need.  Check out the Fabrics page for ideas of our inventory.

Do you have classes?

Yes! Check them out here: Classes and Events

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